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mid night blue mug.jpeg
midnight blue: white textured mug.jpeg
Midnight blue gloss glaze with white detail
BRbotanical mugs.jpg
Honey brown gloss glaze over
Bit of the Blue Ridge clay slip
Fe Red HB mug.jpeg

All glazes are mixed using minerals:  clay, silica, feldspar, and additional oxides that form the color, texture and opacity of the glaze. 

No lead or barium is used.  Glazes are tested in my kitchen to establish the stability of the glaze. 


Glazes are safe for use in microwave ovens and food use.  They are resistant to abrasion of dishwasher detergents and cutlery.


See pottery care and use for more information

Numbers with the mugs help identify glazes

for special orders.

Iron red glaze with honey brown
toast with slate 2 tone mug.jpeg
Matt glazes:  slate and toast
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