Textured bottom helps hold garlic, avacado

while mashine with hand turned wood pestle.


Set on top of the rim of a plate or bowl when heating in the microwave oven.  Keeps your food moist, flavorful and oven clean


I create functional pieces for dining and cooking.  I strive to make each a pleasure to use as well as to see. My mugs feel good in your hand and against your lips.  They are easy to care for in your dishwasher.


All glazes are free of added lead, barium, and cadmium.  They are safe for daily use.


I choose to use simple decoration to allow you to complete the piece with food, plants or flowers. 


      "A Bit of the Blue Ridge"

Some of my pots are decorated with a rich brown clay gleaned from 200 feet below the surface of Christianburg Mountain during well drilling.  These pieces are labeled so you know your piece is made in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and you have a bit of the Blue Ridge in your hand.


Solar electric panels fuel my kiln. Being "green" and sustainable is my lifestyle.


Working from my home studio has allowed me flexibility as parent and active community member while operating my small business.


My college degrees are in chemistry.  After working as a research chemist, I discovered the delight of working in clay.  I have taken classes at Arrowmont School of Crafts, Virginia Tech, and with Blue Ridge Potters Guild.  


I love working with customers to explore ideas.  I hope you can stop by to share your ideas and design with me the item you want for your home or as a giftl