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Find Ann Hess Pottery

Bent Mountain Center Artisan Shop

Opening: 4-8 Sunday

December 2

Shop hours Dec 3-16

Sundays & Thursdays: 1-5pm

Fridays 3-7pm

and Saturdays 10-4pm

10148 Tinsley Lane

Bent Mountian, VA 24059


Visit the studio

70 Crescent Drive

Christiansburg, VA24073

Visits by appointment

Nov. 11-22&Dec. 11-15

Work will be in progress

Friday, Dec. 8 & Saturday Dec. 9

Open studio with light refreshment

Noon to 6pm


phone 540-382-8235



cvrs sm.jpeg

Covers for microwave cooking/heating
Use over plates for individual servings
Use over bowls for cooking, reheating
Prevents spattering
Keeps flavor, moisture and heat in

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